There are 7 days in a week, you probably work 6 of them and sometimes 7. You crawl around in dirt or get wet every day. When you come home you complain that you've got to wear the same pants the next day or there's a rush to wash them which leads to them shrinking/fading/falling apart.... Sound familiar? 

  • 311gsm cotton drill (light are 190gsm/medium are 265gsm).
  • Comfort fit with one side containing a large flap pocket, the other a tool and mobile phone pocket. MacGyver couldn’t ask for more. 
  • Heavy-duty nylon zip to save those embarrassing "flying-low" moments.
  • Double Hoop CSR Reflective tape. (Bio-motion taping on legs) so you’ll conform to the regulations or you’ll be able to be spotted from space at night. (Disclaimer: With a really big telescope)
Did we mention if you get 5 pairs we’ll give you a 20% discount? And there are 5 work days in the week. We think it makes sense with the numbers. 

    All manufacturers make their clothes differently, having been selling workwear in Australia for the last 15 years we understand this. DNC is a pretty true fit to size. But best to measure up before placing an order. 

    This will give you the latest sizing charts direct from the manufacturer to make you comfortable you're getting the right size. If it's wrong then not to worry we'll replace them for you!

    For all Footwear all sizing is in AU/UK sizing unless stated. 

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    Double Hoops Taped Pants 3361

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    Colour: Navy
    Size: 72R
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