Safety and style unite in the Blundstone Style 9000. Designed with a FortaShield steel toe cap and GripTek® Extra Heavy Duty rubber outsole, this elastic-sided ‘pull on, kick off’ safety boot is perfect for long days on the job.

Key Features:

  • Wheat Water-Resistant Nubuck Leather Upper:

    • Height: 150mm
    • Heavy Duty TPU Moulded Toe Guard: Designed for superior leather protection.
  • GripTek® XHD Sole:

    • Biomechanically Engineered Rubber (PUR) Outsole: Provides optimum grip and stability.
    • Heat Resistant to 300°C: Capable of withstanding high temperatures.
    • Fuel Oil Resistant: Ensures excellent durability against oils.
    • Cut and Slip Resistant: Offers exceptional protection and traction.
  • Aircell® Footbed:

    • All-Day Comfort: Exclusive zoned airflow footbed built to ventilate, control moisture, and cushion your every move.
  • FortaShield Toe Cap:

    • Broad Fitting: Cut-resistant steel toe cap tested to resist a 200-joule impact, offering maximum protection.
  • Softcell® Comfort System:

    • Unmatched Fit: Provides unbeatable fit and unrivaled comfort from the first wear.
  • Infinergy®:

    • E-TPU Material: Super elastic energy foam from BASF that is soft yet resilient, providing enhanced cushioning and reducing the impact of every step.

Ideal For:

  • Professionals needing high-performance safety footwear for extended wear.
  • Tradespeople working in environments with high heat and potential hazards.
  • Anyone seeking a durable, stylish boot that combines safety with comfort.

Why Choose Blundstone?

Blundstone is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and comfort. The Style 9000 exemplifies these values, offering a boot that delivers exceptional safety features without compromising on style.

All manufacturers make their clothes differently, having been selling workwear in Australia for the last 15 years we understand this. DNC is a pretty true fit to size. But best to measure up before placing an order. 

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Blundstone 9000 Rotoflex - Rubber Steel Safety - Wheat - Unisex - Elastic Side

Size: 8
Colour: Wheat
Sale price$209.95
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