Australian HiVis Standards explained!

High-visibility (hi-vis) clothing is essential for many industries where workers need to be easily visible, such as construction, mining, and roadwork. In Australia, there are specific standards that hi-vis clothing must meet to ensure worker safety. In this blog post, we will explain the hi-vis standards in Australia and why you should shop for your hi-vis clothing at

The Australian hi-vis clothing standard is AS/NZS 4602.1:2011. This standard specifies the requirements for the design, construction, and performance of hi-vis clothing. The standard has two classes of hi-vis clothing:

Class N: This class is for normal visibility situations where the speed limit is below 60km/h.

Class D: This class is for high visibility situations where the speed limit is above 60km/h.

Both classes require the clothing to have a specific amount of fluorescent material and reflective tape to ensure visibility in various lighting conditions. The fluorescent material must be a specific shade of yellow, green, or orange, and the reflective tape must be a specific width and placement on the garment.

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